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    ‘Even if there were nothing in the world written about it, first-hand experience would be quite sufficient for me to talk about the unhappiness that exists in marriage; because, gentlemen, thanks to eternal God, I have had, since the age of twelve, five husbands at the church door,1 being so frequently married, and all of them were honourable men as befitted2 their status in society. But I was positively informed not long ago that, because Christ only once attended a wedding, in Cana of Galilee, he has instructed us by that example that we should be married only once. Hear, too, with what a sharp rebuke3 for the occasion, by a well, Jesus, [who was both] God and human being, spoke in reprimanding4 the Samarian woman: “You have had five husbands,” he said, “and that same man who possesses you now is not your husband.” He definitely said that. What he meant by it I can’t tell you. Nevertheless, I ask why the fifth man wasn’t the Samarian woman’s fifth husband. How many could she marry? But I’ve never in my life heard stated what the limit on that number is. People may conjecture and make every possible interpretation, but I know definitely, without a doubt, that God commanded us to increase and multiply; that noble text I fully comprehend. […] But He made no mention of number, whether about getting married for a second time, or about marrying eight times. Why then should one talk about it disparagingly?5‘Look here at the wise king, Lord Solomon; I believe he had more than one wife. […] May God be praised that I have been wedded to five! I’ve chosen the best, with regard both to their ‘lower purse’ and to their treasure-chests.6Various academic faculties produce excellent scholars, and a variety of practical experience in a whole range of activity certainly makes a well-qualified workman; I am the product of instruction of five husbands. Welcome the sixth, whenever he appears! Because, I assure you, I don’t want to keep myself all chaste. When my husband departs from this world, some Christian man must marry me straight away, because then, so says the Apostle, when I am free, I may, by God, marry whomsoever I please. He says that it is no sin to be married. Better to be married than to burn.7 […]‘Virginity is an excellent state of perfection, and so, too, is moderation in sexual intercourse, and prayer. Nevertheless, Christ, the well of perfection, didn’t tell everyone to go and sell all that he possessed and give it to the needy, and in that way to follow him and his footsteps. He was speaking to them who seek perfect living, and, begging your leave, gentlemen, that’s not me. I want to devote the prime of my life to the acts and rewards of marriage

    10/02/2019 15:41

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